Tales of Greybriar House

Two Teens Found Dead on Greybriar Grounds

MERCURY, Fla. — Two teens were found brutally murdered on the abandoned grounds of the Marcus Greybriar estate on Monday, January 17, 2002 at approximately 7:00 a.m.

The two teenagers identified at the crime scene are a Cameron Price, male, 17 years of age, and Julia Stallings, female, 17 years of age. The two teenagers were said to have been in a relationship lasting over two years now. The couple’s bodies were found in Price’s car, a 1997 Chevy pick-up truck. The autopsy reports show death by bullet wounds. There were multiple bullet entry and exit wounds found on both victims’ bodies. According to police reports, the shooter shot the victims at point blank, likely five to ten feet away from the car. From the point of entry of the bullets, it appears that the shooter was facing the front of the car. The bullets have been identified as .457 caliber bullets likely coming from a magnum revolver. Police Captain Jack Crenshaw states that the shooter: “likely had some kind of background military training.” In an official statement, Crenshaw claims, “After we had our CSI unit investigate the crime scene for clues and our forensics team examine the bodies, it seems undeniable that the shooter had some kind of background military training. The gunshot wounds are too precise to truly believe it was a coincidence that [the shooter] hit all of his shots in exact places he/she knew would be fatal. Usually with amateur murders, it is a messy scene. There is usually signs of a struggle between the victims and the shooter leading to a mess with a lot more evidence and clues, but this murder looks almost professional, like an assassination.” The two, Price and Stallings, were students at Greenville High School here in Mercury, Florida. The entire town is in shock, and there will be a vigil service held for the two tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. Principal Alexander Vincent has canceled school for the rest of the week following the tragic events that unfolded this morning.

This is the fourth time in the past two years that couples have been murdered at the Greybriar grounds. Police have still been unable to identify any suspects of the previous three murders on the grounds in 2000 and 2001. The city council has tried to have the grounds destroyed to prevent further events from happening. However, have been unsuccessful in their efforts because of a city ordinance that the Greybriar grounds may never be tampered with or destroyed under the decree of Joseph Greybriar, the town of Mercury’s founder, in 1841. The house and grounds have been abandoned for decades now after the disappearance of Marcus Greybriar, the last known descendant of the Greybrair name, in 1968. Marcus Greybriar strangely disappeared from his home at Greybriar manor in September of 1968. His body was never found. Since his disappearance the grounds has been a ‘lovers lane’ filled with sex, drugs, and violence.

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