Super Bowl LI: Bud Light Commercial

I watched the top 10 best super bowl commercials from super bowl fifty-one in the discussion tab of our canvas course page, and I believe the Bud Light commercial was the best of them all. The commercial depicts the best man at a wedding giving a speech about his best friend, and then proceeds to show all the memories they have had together and the various adventures they have been on. While the commercial takes you through all of these memories, it shows the two best friends always holding a Bud Light in their hands. I believe the Bud Light commercial was the most effective at reaching all spectrums of viewers. It was relatable by depicting a very fruitful friendship between two men; this I believe reaches out to people on an emotional level. It can remind much of the audience of the many bonds they have with their friends as well. I thought the use of Bud Light in the commercial was a profound marketing technique. By showing a can of Bud Light in all of the two’s fondest memories, it makes the audience not only reminisce about all the great times they may have had with their best friends, but it also makes people want to buy Bud Light and make great memories with their friends and family. Great commercial and great advertising skills, I give the commercial a ten out of ten.

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