Radio Assignment

  1. If I could own or manage a radio station I would choose to run it through social media as a medium or format. I would choose social media because for starters, social media is taking over as the main source of all media needs whether that is news, information, advertising/promotions, online-shopping, etcetera. It is a huge media platform that is free to use and has become the main way people communicate as you can easily communicate with people all over the world. The recent emergence of live-stream capabilities through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is exactly the tool I would use specifically for my radio station.
  2. Radio could improve social and political discussion in the U.S. because it gives the people a voice. Television and social media are great for fostering discussion over controversial topics, however, are limited outlets. Television is usually limited to public figures like celebrities and government officials; rarely do you see an everyday-person on TV talking about politics because TV is all about ratings and average joes don’t bring in ratings. Social media is a little better than TV because any average person can voice their opinion for the world to see which is great, but usually, no one will read them because, again, no one cares what average citizens typically have to say. Radio, however, provides a voice for the people that is not available through other mediums. This is because anyone can tune into a radio station, and will listen to whoever is talking whether it’s a public figure or everyday citizen. Also, anyone can participate in discussions on radio stations, and it typically does not affect listeners but encourages them to call in and do the same instead.
  3. If I were a broadcast radio executive and had to argue in favor of broadcast radio over internet radio; I would start with the argument of reliability. Broadcast radio is more reliable than internet radio because internet radio has the capability of crashing, and internet/technology can always malfunction or have technical difficulties. Broadcast radio relies on service poles. I also would make the argument of ratings. People are more likely to tune into a famous or well-known broadcast radio station than they are to tune into an internet radio stream that they come across via social media or other internet platforms.

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