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My favorite podcast to listen to is The Joe Rogan Experience through Apple podcasts. I like this podcast a lot because it is hosted by comedian and interviewer/color commentator for the UFC: Joe Rogan. I am a huge Joe Rogan fan which is the main reason I like the podcast. I have followed Joe Rogan’s stand-up comedy for years through various media outlets like YouTube and TV. I am also a huge fan of mixed martial arts and the UFC, and I have been an avid watcher of the UFC since I was a child. I have followed Joe Rogan as a commentator/interviewer for the UFC since I was a child as well, and I have always been a huge fan of him.

I enjoy his podcasts because of how different they are from typical radio talk shows/podcasts. Joe always brings in a wide diversity of guests on his podcasts. His guests can vary from athletes to renowned authors to political activists and everything in-between. Joe also covers a wide-variety of topics during his podcasts, and he always pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. I enjoy how he is not afraid to attack controversial subjects head-on and push the boundaries of society to foster conversation and political change. His podcasts are extremely entertaining as he uses his humor to lighten the seriousness of most of his conversations, but at the same time, keeping his points and arguments informative and valid.

One of my favorite episodes is his JRE MMA Show #10 with Tyron Woodley. Tyron Woodley is the undisputed UFC welterweight champion of the world, and one of my favorite fighters. Woodley has a great personality which is showcased during the episode as him and Rogan tackle a variety of topics like banned substances in professional sports and the current state of U.S. foreign relations. If you would like to listen to this episode of The Joe Rogan Experience you can do so here.


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