No Love for Jake Arrieta in Chicago

The MLB free agency market is still hot and filled with unsigned superstars. A looming question among most baseball fans, especially Cubs fans, is where will former Chicago Cubs ace Jake Arrieta end up? According to reports by ESPN’s Jeff Todd, the Cubs have “barely even engaged in contract talks” with their former staff ace. This is not very surprising because the sides already know one another and their respective bargaining positions quite well. One thing is clear though, while a reunion seems hypothetically possible, both team and player intend to explore alternatives this winter.

The Cubs are still looking to add depth to their pitching staff. The Cubs’ current projected rotation consists of Kyle Hendricks (ace), Jose Quintana, Jon Lester, Tyler Chatwood and Mike Montgomery. The Cubs currently lack battle-tested options with this starting rotation. The only other healthy starting possibility on the 40-man roster comes from Eddie Butler, who brings significant experience in the majors but not a lot of success. There are a few high-profile starters on the Cubs’ radar still such as Yu Darvish and Lance Lynn. The Cubs main priority the rest of the offseason will be to bring in another high-profile starter via free agency or trade.

Oklahoma 2018 Football Commit Class

Wednesday, February 7, 2018, aka National Signing Day was a day full of surprises, colorful commitment videos, and a roller coaster of emotions for fans across the nation. When it was all said and done, OU ranked 9th nationally in itsĀ overall recruiting class according to 247Sports Composite. Let’s take a look at OU’s star-studded 2018 class and the immediate impact they can make on OU’s football team.

OU hauled in an impressive load of recruits that included one five-star recruit, twelve four stars, and nine three stars. The class is headlined by early signee Brendan “Bookie” Radley-Hiles, a four-star cornerback out of IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Radley-Hiles is the 38th overall ranked athlete on ESPN’s top 150. He is also the 5th ranked cornerback in the nation and the 7th ranked cornerback in the state of Florida. “Bookie” has instant-impact potential and is the player with the best opportunity to secure a starting nod. Take a look at his high school highlight reel here and see why he may be too disruptive to keep off the field.

The Sooners also hauled in impressive recruits like five-star offensive tackle Brey Walker from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. At 6’7, 320 pounds, Walker is ranked 29th overall athlete on ESPN’s top 150 and is the 4th ranked offensive tackle in the nation and 1st ranked tackle in the state of Oklahoma.

The Sooners made strides on both sides of the ball and succeeded in bolstering depth up front on both sides of the ball as well. With the addition of top recruits like DaShaun White, Michael Thompson, and Nik Bonitto on the defensive side of the ball and additions of T.J. Pledger, Ronnie Perkins, and Jalen Redmond on offense, the Sooners look to be set for years to come. If head coach Lincoln Riley can create a similar relationship with new starting quarterback Kyler Murray as he did with Baker Mayfield through the previous years, this OU football team will be a force to be reckoned with in the 2018-19 football season.


Super Bowl LI: Bud Light Commercial

I watched the top 10 best super bowl commercials from super bowl fifty-one in the discussion tab of our canvas course page, and I believe the Bud Light commercial was the best of them all. The commercial depicts the best man at a wedding giving a speech about his best friend, and then proceeds to show all the memories they have had together and the various adventures they have been on. While the commercial takes you through all of these memories, it shows the two best friends always holding a Bud Light in their hands. I believe the Bud Light commercial was the most effective at reaching all spectrums of viewers. It was relatable by depicting a very fruitful friendship between two men; this I believe reaches out to people on an emotional level. It can remind much of the audience of the many bonds they have with their friends as well. I thought the use of Bud Light in the commercial was a profound marketing technique. By showing a can of Bud Light in all of the two’s fondest memories, it makes the audience not only reminisce about all the great times they may have had with their best friends, but it also makes people want to buy Bud Light and make great memories with their friends and family. Great commercial and great advertising skills, I give the commercial a ten out of ten.

What is the Purpose of Media?

The question that drives my interest and love for media is: “what is the purpose of media?” We all consume various outlets of media on a daily basis. Whether those outlets are TV commercials, ads, livestreams, etc.; Media is a large part of society and culture. Media has traditionally been used for news and information for the general public’s interest; however, over the years the purpose of media and what it is used for has been skewed. With the competition for ratings between news channels and the emergence of 24/7 news, each media outlet has their own specific agendas. I wish to find the answer to what the purpose of media really is, and I wish to make media for the people again.